Thanks for the memories and best "honeymoon" a guy could ask for. 

–Shawn & Elyssa 2021

Jason and Roseanne,
yet again you have outdone yourselves. We can't tell you how much all of your hard work means to us.
You make a difference
in our lives!

–Harley & Maria 2022

This trip was amazing! I got to see so many sites that I probably never even would have known about. Will definitely come back for another trip.

–Lindsey & David 2022

I had an absolute blast getting to know everyone. I really feel like everyone looked out for you with any issues from low pressure on tires, to cleaning windshields, to helping jump batteries – everyone was super nice and super friendly.

–Linda 2022

This is professional grade level of organization, and the attention to detail is impressive. Look forward to next time!

–David 2022

Awesome Rally!
Great to see old friends and make new ones!

–Will 2021

It's have been a wonderful few days of pure enjoyment... Thanks to your amazing planning we packed tons of fun memories within a very short period of time

–Rachel 2022

This trip was epic and amazing! The dedication you two have done to make these drives fun and comfortable is impressive. 

–Eric 2022

Thanks for a great
"1st Rally" experience!
It was awesome! 

–Jenny 2021

This is cool,
but very intense! 

Ashley 2022

Thank you for such a great time! 

–Megan & Sandeep 2021

Epic trip...
Thank you! 

–Tom 2021

This year we've had the best time in the Lexus since our purchase!

–Rob & Rachel 2022

The drives were challenging but fun. Thanks for the organization! 

–Peter and Ursula 2023

Nice accommodations, as usual. Keep up the good work! 

–Karen 2023

Great job! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our Maine Seacoast Adventure

Carole & Roy 2022

 Thanks for a great drive! Loved it! 

Suzanne 2021

Hoping I can attend another Adventure! 

–Mo 2023

Awesome planning!!!

–Dick & Janet 2021

It was a great new experience! 

–Manuela 2023

This adventure has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much for all the hard work on planning and organizing this for us. 

Amaan 2022

What a great adventure! Thanks so much for another chapter in my S2000 saga!
Love you both, and wish you and Overdrive Adventures the best! 

–Gene 2022

I've lost count of how many times that I have been to
Las Vegas...
But this is one of the most memorable trips!

–Mark 2022

We are new to Overdrive Adventures but can't say enough good things about
this event.
I can't imagine the amount of work that Roseanne and Jason put into this.

–Linda & Ken 2022