About Overdrive Adventures

Overdrive Adventures is the brainchild of Jason Hight and Roseanne Murphy. For at least a decade, Roseanne and Jason had been creating group drives in their respective geographic regions about 2000 miles apart and with no awareness that each other existed. But because of their shared love of a particular sportscar – the Honda S2000 – their paths were destined to cross at a club event and they became friends. When changes in Jason’s employment brought him to Los Angeles, the two collaborated on their first major gathering – a 4 day driving event based in the Santa Monica mountains and showcasing the best of Southern California car culture – and it was clear there would be many more events in their future together.

Jason’s expertise in all things graphics related, as well as his fondness for staring at maps and finding all of the twistiest paved roads, make him well suited for creating the look and feel of every Overdrive Adventure trip, program, map, and logo. Roseanne’s attention to detail and acute sensitivity to all things human (need for food, potty breaks, fun, and safety) make her well-suited for keeping the drives on course, on time, comfortable, and safe. Both of them love their cars, love to drive, and love to share that passion with others.

The year 2020 was one of contemplation and soul searching on many levels. And it was in that time that Roseanne and Jason decided to begin the journey which would become Overdrive Adventures. Jason’s past experience with car clubs gave him a desire to make drives which would cover the entire country, not just one specific region. Discarding the imaginary limitations and old structures, both Jason and Roseanne wanted to go places they had never been and discover the beauty of new locations. Drives which they both have always wanted to do have become the foundation of their destinations for Overdrive Adventures. Calling on advice from friends from all over the country, they have created their dream list of destinations to enjoy in top-down fashion. And since 2021, they have been inviting everyone with the same love of journeys and driving to come join them.

So come join us! Everyone deserves to enjoy some Overdrive Adventures.

Roseanne Murphy

Born and raised on the east coast of the United States, Roseanne chose to move to California as a young adult and has been there ever since. She studied journalism in college and, for a period of time, combined her love of writing with a love of cars and driving. But eventually it was clear she needed to do something to pay the bills, so she retrained and entered the IT field doing network and PC support. Roseanne puts to good use her writing and tech skills in relationship to Overdrive Adventures, and her innate attention to detail makes everything she touches just a little bit better. Roseanne loves her Honda S2000 to the moon and back, but has owned and enjoyed other fun cars including multiple Miatas, a Lotus Elise, and a Fiesta ST. She says they all have (or had) a place in her heart.

Jason Hight

Hailing from a small town in the mid-west with not a lot going on, Jason developed a passion for driving at a very early age. After completing college, Jason moved to Minneapolis and when he wasn’t shoveling snow, he split his time between work as a graphic artist and enjoying his cars. He admits to having owned a BMW for awhile, and his rehabilitation began with a 2003 Honda S2000. And it was true love. From then on he spent his time going to club events, creating club events, and doing pretty much anything needed to help run the car club for his beloved S2000. Moving to Arizona and then eventually to Southern California has made enjoying his S2000 that much easier. When he’s not out driving or creating cool sportscar inspired apparel via J.Hight Design, you can find Jason staring at maps of scenic drives and planning his next adventure.

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Overdrive Adventures would not exist without the encouragement of our friends. We could not create these events without the assistance of these amazing people who have gone above and beyond to help us.


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